On the Road to Salvation

I feel the change that I want coming. Deep down I know I can’t bear life like this any longer. God is working. Time is moving. My heart is beating. My friends are with me, my family’s watching. What is coming? My dream I hope — the ability to afford all that I please toContinue reading “On the Road to Salvation”

It shall be known

I believe in certain things and not others. Fuck untruths.

Words of wisdom

Free will is a gift. Prize it. It is a blessing from the Lord. Pursue your happiness as you may. Abide by justice. Preach it. Live your lives, and be happy. Connect with the inner you.

Immigration and Obama

I would like to start this off by saying I LOVE OBAMA. Everything he has done up till now has confirmed my initial belief that this man is driven by his spirituality. I love this guy and everything he has done and continues to do to improve and fix this great American nation. He’s planningContinue reading “Immigration and Obama”

Decisions decisions…

Should I trust my gut and work with this team already? I have been questioning it since it began, and now that it is time to take things to the next level, it is more important than ever that I decide. My main fears are failing, regret, and pain, but I trust in God andContinue reading “Decisions decisions…”


You either want to want, to be happy, protected and to get the guarantees of your Lord, the freedoms and the happiness you are entitled to — long as you seek them from your Lord — or you seek evil. 


Social conformists are so lame. They aren’t just lame, they are bundles of stress, anxiety and misery. How ironic. Sheesh.

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