Danny K – hai u (Music Video)

Danny K – Vortex in My Mind (Official Video)

Here it is everyone. My very first official music video for the single “Vortex in My Mind”. I directed, and edited the shoot. I wrote, performed, produced & engineered the track. Enjoy! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more new music.

Save the self-righteousness; unity prevails – an analysis of the second round of democratic debates

Nobody is perfect, and its time candidates start acknowledging that before they are made to look foolish when, in response to lambasting a fellow candidate’s track record, their own record is embarrassingly illuminated.  Most importantly, for the Democratic Party and for American voters who want to defeat Donald Trump in the general election, Americans andContinue reading “Save the self-righteousness; unity prevails – an analysis of the second round of democratic debates”

Albums are Dead. And Streaming Killed Them. Here’s How:

“Albums are Dead. And Streaming Killed Them.” is the title of a new collaborative EP being released by Nas & Frederich Nietzche. But all jokes aside. Here is my explanation: This reality, or my perception of it rather, is not necessarily a bad thing. Albums are just EPs with a bunch of fillers that artistsContinue reading “Albums are Dead. And Streaming Killed Them. Here’s How:”

I Stand With Ilhan

Criticizing an oppressive nation-state does not fit the definition of racism. If one is to however direct hatred towards a particular “nation” or “group” of people, such as the Jewish People, The Muslim People, African, LGBT, etc, this is classified is racism/prejudice. We cannot afford to be selective and play favorites with the definition ofContinue reading “I Stand With Ilhan”

Cleopatra: The Brown Queen

Colonialism fucked everything up. Besides the rape, pillaging, enslavement, it colonized the minds and injected ambiguity into indigenous rights. Currently there is a debate about whether Cleopatra was white or black or brown. Being the last reigning Pharaoh of the Ptolemaic dynasty, she was in fact Greek, at least half so, that is because, nobodyContinue reading “Cleopatra: The Brown Queen”

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