Political Taboos

Political Taboos are the cause of ignorance. Free the truth and hurt the idiots’ feelings, it will save many lives and establish justice.


freedom is doing what you believe is your path.


And just when I thought all was well, That fate was sealed, and we’d be free, A giant burning ball of fire, Came crashing down on me. And with it came a little note, Engulfed in flames, but I could see, Letters engraved into a sentence: “You have no control of me!”

just the two of us

by Homai Vyarawalla Oh my darling you haven’t  a clue, Of the time I invest dreaming of you. Just last night we laid beside each other, Tomorrow we’ll travel the world, just us two. We’ll tread upon temples in Tibet, Bathe in waters pure and wet, Lay on sandy beaches at dawn, Walk along theContinue reading “just the two of us”

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