My religion and spiritual question has been the cause of my life. The source is a certain thing, I cannot open here but it’s okay. I wonder, because I question, and yet, in contradiction, I believe, so vehemently in my path, for many reasons, pure and impure. But I am me, and my Lord isContinue reading “illuminate”


There’s freedom, then there’s Hell.


America should respect the sovereignty of other nations, despite its history of not doing so.


sometimes you inspire yourself. be real with yourself. this is where I am.

everything I have

if my purpose isn’t to speak out then what is it? to remain a slave to this feeling of guilt forever? No I’m not perfect. I’m a sinner. I have no goodness but I cannot live without a purpose. Standing for justice is all I have. That is the only thing I have left. weContinue reading “everything I have”


Individualism is scarce. I love when I come upon it. It is peaceful, when it is in me and when it is in those around me. It is beautiful.

He Yelled At Her, They Act Unkind

We live in a world of fakeness, pretentiousness, dishonesty, and shame. Stop looking for my flaws. I already know I’m not perfect — I just think you don’t realize you aren’t.


live and be happy stress not and worry only for good never for worse picture the life mirror the life you want to live whether its right or wrong

as if for the first time

in everything there is an answer, in your smile; in his; in the way we laugh, when, like kids, we kiss…

mark ’em

Watch them flock now after my fame, Stumbling hastily while scathing my name, Before they would scold me for being this way, But now is new, or so they say. A fruitless bunch of clowns, playing an act, They needn’t search far to get a good laugh, There, in the mirror, being cracked, The finestContinue reading “mark ’em”

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