Looking Through My Phone [Single]

blue eyes white skin black silk

I believe I’m falling in love slowly.

a few given words

I can’t help that I am who I am, A writer, a poet, an artist, a baby, a crier who cries, sheds tears like lies, oh what contradiction you are — a giant surprise! look in his eyes, water will form, smiles will swarm and turn all those leaves like a storm, for believe meContinue reading “a few given words”

feeling inspired.

we are not slaves, lest we submit, my only object is to be lit, lit by the sun lit by the moon lit by the bluntness lifting the room. what are we here, why are we here, take me to places, never been known, way with my ace, way to my home, little miss fuckedContinue reading “feeling inspired.”

how long will it take

There is no need for resistance, My darling from a far, We’ve been all along this quiet front for longer than an instance. My eyes are enthralled, By all your existence, The softness of your skin, the tenderness you’re emitting.

White Feathers

Your veil makes you that much more, Attractive to my inner yearnings, Oh how I wish that I could be, Underneath that cotton surface covering your head, tracing along your hair, Down your arched spine. I see you in my dreams, Lying on the softness of my bed sheets, Your olive skin against them, DrowningContinue reading “White Feathers”

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